Sw 445 jav - Video Terbaru Hari ini

Sw 445 jav - Video Terbaru Hari ini

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Small bushy crowned trees in secondary forest, or trees to 24 m tall, continue reading cm diam. Sw 445 jav coriaceus Engl. Staurogeton tener Kurz Tzvelev, Bot. Homalomena monandra M. Staminate inflorescences paniculate, erect, c. Ajv Arch.

Leaf apex continue reading variable and occasionally strongly caudate. Bucephalandra goliath S. Pistillate inflorescences as staminate, spikes to 7 cm; peduncle 3—4 cm. However, these nectaries do not develop fully until the tree is more than 1—2 m sw 445 jav. Leaves : petioles 10—15 cm, fairly slender, round, glabrous, kneed at top; blades ovate elliptic, broadest near base, 16—24 by 5—11cm, thinly leathery, base broadly rounded minutely peltate, drying grey above, margin entire, sw 445 jav acuminate, glabrous, grey green below, closely golden granular glandular below, secondary nerves few, 8—10 pairs, distant cerita hot pesta sex. Sympatric in Choiseul with M. Dw puber Hassk.

Missouri Bot. Thailand 8, 2 ; Whitmore, Gen. Macaranga Prodr. Webster in Kubitzki, Fam. Panopia Thouars, Gen. Mappa A. Pachystemon Blume, Bijdr. Mecostylis Kurz ex Teijsm. Phocea Seem. Trees, usually small to 15 m, occasionally to 20 —30 m tall, or treelets as small as 2 m, rarely shrubs or lianas, sometimes sarmentose; dioecious; trunks and twigs sometimes armed with spines; crown usually becoming sympodial, with few orders of branches.

Bark sometimes prominently hooped rings surrounding the stem ; wood soft. Indumentum , if present, of simple or rarely of tufted hairs. Twigs slender to stout, in a few species hollow and ant-inhabited.

Leaves spirally arranged, simple, or sometimes 3 —7 lobed; petioles short to longer than leaf, sometimes kneed at one end or both; blades papery to leathery, base cuneate, rounded, cordate or cordulate the lobes sometimes overlapping sometimes caudate, sometimes peltate, sometimes with glands on adaxial surface on main nerves or lamina or margin at the base near petiole insertion; margin sometimes with protruding variously conspicuous glandular teeth often terminating secondary nerves, apex usually acute or acuminate, adaxial surface usually glabrous, occasionally hairy on main nerves near base, abaxial surface nearly always with tiny golden to black usually dense or sometimes sparse granular glands, and glabrous to variously hairy on nerves or nerves plus lamina, rarely glaucous; usually pinnately nerved or either pinnately nerved but with midrib plus 2 main nerves at petiole insertion, or palmately nerved, with spider's web nervation and multiple nerves from petiole insertion.

Inflorescences shorter to somewhat longer than leaves, axillary, amongst or behind leaves, spikes, racemes or panicles, with up to 4 axis orders, staminates usually more branched; first branches usually alternate or at least lowermost sometimes opposite, occasionally with accessory axillary branches; axes stout to slender to threadlike, occasionally with sub persistent usually small bracts subtending branches.

Fruits 1—5-locular, stalked or sessile; calyx persistent or not; wall leathery, fleshy or thinly to thickly woody, often waxy with granular glands, or glabrous, or occasionally hairy, smooth or with short to long close to distant slender to stout spines, or horned, sometimes with persistent style s , ultimately dehiscent.

Seeds : testa smooth to pitted to verrucose, arillate or not, aril red to pink. Distribution — A species rich genus of c. In Malesia c. Note — There are still new species being discovered, especially in the rich regions of Borneo and New Guinea, even though these are well-collected.

In central Malesia Sulawesi, Moluccas, Lesser Sunda Islands , new species and range extensions are being discovered as these poorly collected regions become better collected. Macaranga acerifolia Airy Shaw, Kew Bull.

Small tree. Twigs slender, c. Stipules narrowly elliptic, c. Leaves : petioles 2 — 4 cm long, slender, terete, finely crisped-pubescent, not kneed; blades mostly broadly trilobed to 18 by 12 cm a few elliptic, up to 14 by 2cm , papery, drying grey-green, lobes long-caudate, central lobe to 13 by 5 cm, sinuses very broad, lateral lobes divergent, narrow, to 7 cm long, 2cm broad at base, base broadly rounded, minutely cordate to peltate, with 1 — 3 glands on upper surface, margin entire, lower surface rusty furfurescent on lower part of main nerves, secondaries slender arching and joining near margin, basal pair extending into lateral lobes.

Staminate inflorescences and flowers unknown. Infructescences slender, up to 12 cm long spikes with an apical cluster of leafy bracts, axis slender, terete, finely crisped pubescent; bracts ovate, to 15 by 7 mm, papery, granular glandular, margins coarsely acute to acuminate with large-dentate teeth with long hairs, apex acuminate, with midrib and secondary nerves with close short crisp hairs.

Fruits globose, c. Seeds spherical, coarsely verrucose, with sarcotesta. Perry, J. Arnold Arbor. Small tree 5 — 6 m. Twigs slender, ferruginous tomentose, becoming glabrous. Stipules ovate, c. Leaves : petioles 2 — 3 cm long, slender, pilose; blades elliptic, 9 —20 by 1. Pistillate inflorescences racemes? Pistillate flowers 3 or 4 crowded at tip, with calyx cupular, denticulate, granular-glandular, ovary 1-locular softly spiny, style lateral, 2 — 3cm long, densely plumose.

Fruits and seeds unknown. Distribution — Papua New Guinea Felsspitze. Altitude: — m. Notes — 1. Only known from the type collection, which was not seen by me.

The description is paraphrased from Perry's translation, amended against the original Latin. The other species of this group have pistillate racemes, here the description is of spikes. Airy Shaw draws a similarity to his M.

That has similar staminate bracteoles, but differs conspicuously in its persistently pubescent twigs, and leaves nerved and not caudate. Macaranga aenigmatica Whitmore, Gen. Small tree to 15 m. Twigs solid, stout to 10 — 15 mm diam. Stipules long-deltoid, up to 30 by 15 mm, tapering from base to acute apex, somewhat hooded, dark brown but somewhat glaucous, glabrous, thinly leathery, recurved, long persistent.

Leaves : petiole 20 — 36 cm long, c. Staminate inflorescences axillary open panicles, up to 20 by 10 cm, 4 orders of opposite divaricate branches, axes angled and striate, glaucous, at first weakly rufous furfuraceous, basal peduncle 1 — 7 cm long, secondary branches c.

Staminate flowers c. Pistillate inflorescences as staminate but only 3 branching orders. Pistillate flowers solitary or paired, calyx furfuraceous, ovary 2- or 3-locular, developing a stout furfuraceous pedicel in fruit.

Fruits up to 1 by 1 cm, bi- or tricarpellate, loculicidally dehiscing, with a raised ridge at the sutures and grooved to lobed at the septa; wall woody, smooth, blackish brown, closely granular glandular, tipped by 3 caducous spreading, c. Seeds round, verrucose, with sarcotesta.

Distribution — Endemic to Sulawesi. Altitude: up to m. Note — Highly distinctive from its twigs, stipules and fruits. Davies, Harvard Pap. Macaranga calcifuga auct. Whitmore R. Milne, Kew Bull. Tree to 15 —25 m tall, 15 —30 cm dbh; twigs 7—10 mm in diam. Stipules ovate, 8—10 by 8—13 mm, recurved, succulent, producing food-bodies on the abaxial surface, 1—3 rarely more pairs present on the shoots.

Staminate inflorescences particulate, erect, 14—24 by 9—15 cm, mostly glabrous. Staminate flowers 10—1. Pistillate inflorescences paniculate, erect, 7—14 by 4—10 cm, stout, glabrous or with ferrugineus hairs near apex, to 3 axis orders. Pistillate flowers c. Seeds subtriangular-ovoid. It is a small- to medium-sized early successional tree occurring along river banks and in forest openings within primary forest. It also occurs on forest edges and along roadsides. The enormous "volcanic" nectaries on the leaf margins are diagnostic for this species.

However, these nectaries do not develop fully until the tree is more than 1—2 m tall. Although this species comes out in the bancan a-clade in the cladistic analysis, M. The staminate flowers are shortly pedicellate and have 1—3 stamens, the staminate bracteoles have pectinately dissected margins and have a decussate arrangement, and the abaxial leaf surfaces and twigs are strongly glaucous.

These character states are also found in the motleyana -clade and suggest a closer relationship than is shown with the current cladistic analysis. Macaranga albescens L. Tree 10 — 30 m high. Twigs stout, 3 — 4 mm diam. Stipules linear-elliptic, c. Leaves : petioles 3 — 9 cm long, slender, 1 — 2 mm diam. Staminate inflorescences sparsely branched racemes to 7 cm long, pubescent with a few granular glands, branches to 3 cm long, alternate, divaricate or ascending; peduncle 10 — 15 mm long, main axis c.

Infructescences open sparsely branched pubescent racemes to 13 cm long; peduncle 1 — 3 cm long, main axis c. Fruits solitary or in small groups, ellipsoid, c. Seeds globose, rugose, with sarcotesta.

Distribution — New Guinea. Note — Stipules described from Perry Staminate bracteoles variable. Leaves similar to M. Macaranga aleuritoides F. Notes Papuan Pl. Macfarlane s. Macaranga riparia Engl. Tree to 24 m, often less. Twigs 4— 10 —16 mm diam. Stipules united, apparently single, enclosing a conspicuous erect, tapering terminal bud, 7—11 cm long, 0.

Staminate inflorescences dense, crowded, 20 by 8 cm, dirty-brown pubescent, slender branched panicles with 3 axis orders, main axis flattened near base to 5 mm wide, strongly tapering upwards, peduncle to 2.

Infructescences 15 —26 cm pubescent racemes with sparse short 2 cm distal branches rarely spicate. Fruits in groups of 1—3 clustered at tips, globular, 12 mm across or shallowly bilobed 10 by 13 mm, woody, densely granular glandular with close or diffuse slender tapering sinuous 5 mm pubescent spines, styles apical, twin, slender, densely shortly pubescent, free to 15 mm long; calyx persistent, 5—7 mm; pedicel stout, pubescent.

Seeds globose, 6 mm, coarsely strongly verrucose, with sarcotesta. Bismarck Archipelago, Solomon Islands. Very common. Note — A highly distinctive but variable species from its usually big trilobed leaves and sericeous terminal bud. I have not seen any of the simple-leaved variant Perry mentions. Macaranga cucullata is similar, but rare. Macaranga allorobinsonii Whitmore, Gen. Tree to 20—30 m tall. Twigs slender, round, dark, finely furfurescent.

Stipules oblong lanceolate, 10 mm, apex acuminate, blackish brown, papery, slightly furfurescent, erect, soon caducous.

Leaves: petioles 7—11 cm, slender, round, glabrous or rarely pubescent, slightly kneed at top; blades elliptic to ovate, 12 —28 by 4 —16 cm, papery, base rounded to subtruncate with a pair or more of inconspicuous glands at petiole insertion, margin entire, apex acuminate, drying mid slightly olivaceous brown, glabrous or sometimes with spreading white hairs on lower part of midrib below, with close granular glands.

Staminate inflorescences slender crowded panicles, c. Staminate flowers with short pedicel, stamens 4, stamens 4-locular. Infructescences c. Fruits sessile, spaced, solitary or in groups of 2—3, unilocular, or rarely bilobed, round, 4 mm, wall thin, closely granular glandular and sometimes with a few small warts, style near the base 1—2 mm, shortly feathery, caducous, calyx minute, persistent.

Seeds round, surface smooth. D istribution — Sulawesi and Moluccas. This species fits the Angustifolia group , distinctive in the basal style, except in having the male bracteoles dentate, larger than the flower clusters and persistent, in which and the rather crowded inflorescences it resembles M.

Merrill recognised Robinson as distinct, though reminiscent of his M. I tentatively place it here. Macaranga amentifera Whitmore , Gen. Small tree to 6m. Twigs slightly flattened, 4 mm diam. Stipules elliptic, 15 by 5 mm, apex acuminate, papery, rusty hirsute outside, erect, caducous. Leaves: petioles 16 cm, 3 mm diam. Staminate inflorescences amongst leaves, sparsely branched 5—10 cm panicles, main axis angular 1 mm diam.

Staminate flowers tiny, globose, 0. Pistillate flowers , fruits and seeds unknown. Distribution — Papua New Guinea, only known from the type.

Note — A distinctive species of the Brunneo-floccosa group with staminate flowers in dense compound catkins. Macaranga amissa Airy Shaw, Kew Bull. Malaya 2 ; in Airy Shaw, Kew Bull.

Singapore 31 53; in Airy Shaw, Kew Bull. Trees Malaya, ed. Endospermum perakens e King ex Hook. India 5 Macaranga sp. Singapore 10 Macaranga aff. Trees Malaya Trees to 30 m tall. Twigs slender, to 6 mm diam. Stipules ovate oblong, 8 by 3 mm, apex acuminate, dark brown, papery, glabrous, erect, caducous. Leaves : petioles 7 cm, 2 mm diam. Staminate inflorescences among and behind leaves, 8 cm, racemes, with a few 3 cm distal alternate catkin-like branches, axis terete, glabrous, peduncle 4 cm; bracts not seen; bracteoles very variable, oblong, 8 by 4 mm, to ovate oblong, 4 by 3—4 mm, entire or coarsely irregularly lobed or dentate, apex narrowing to obtuse, glabrous, papery, nerved, blackish brown, longer than cluster, erect, subpersistent.

Staminate flowers in clusters of 5, oblong, 0. Infructescences stout 10 cm spikes, axis 2 mm, terete, rugose, peduncle to 3 cm. Fruits well spaced, single, shallowly bilobed, slightly compressed, 5 by 9 by 4 mm, blackish granular glandular, woody, stigmas tiny, apical, persistent, pedicel 2—3 mm, stout, glabrous; sepals 3, recurved, persistent. Seeds with a thin sarcotesta, globose, testa with flat warts.

Macaranga amplifolia Merr. Tree 10m. Twigs stout, terete, c. Stipules elliptic, 45 by 5mm, apex acuminate, blackish, papery, lanate with long silky hairs, glabrescent.

Leaves : petioles to 16 cm, slender, terete, finely striate, glabrous or with scattered white hairs; blades big, deltoid, 17—35 by 9—20 cm, thickly papery, base broadly truncate, very slightly rounded, margin with distant small glands, apex acute, glabrous, granular glandular below.

Inflorescences amongst and behind leaves, crowded panicles to 28 cm, 3 4 orders of somewhat flattened furfurescent axes, secondaries divaricate, spaced groups of 3—4 flower clusters; male bracteoles persistent, tiny, oblong, 2 by 1mm, apex blunt, distal end coarsely bluntly toothed, furfuraceous. Staminate flowers 4 per cluster, pedicellate, 0.

Fruits dicoccous, 4 mm cocci, glandular, unarmed;, pedicel 2 mm; calyx persistent. Seeds round, finely verrucose. Distribution — Philippines Luzon, Leyte. Note — Fruit description after Merrill. Except for the glabrous leaves this is similar to the northern form of M. Macaranga ancep s Airy Shaw, Kew Bull. Twigs slender 3 mm diam. Stipules and bud scales elliptic, 3 —5 by 1 mm, brown, leathery, stiff, glabrous, erect, crowded at apex, soon caducous. Leaves : petioles 2. Staminate inflorescences spikes to 2 cm, squarish in section, finely pubescent, with flower clusters becoming 4 mm spaced, peduncle 0—5 mm; bracteoles triangular, 0.

Staminate flowers 2—3 per cluster, 1 mm diam. Pistillate inflorescences sinuous 10 cm spikes, axis glabrous rarely furfuraceous , strongly flattened, 2 mm wide, striate; peduncle 7 cm; flowers single, irregularly spaced near tip, often subopposite; bracts not seen; bracteoles elliptic, 1.

Pistillate flowers not seen. Young fruits : pedicel 3 mm, pubescent; sepals elliptic, 2 mm, pubescent; ovary 3 mm, tawny pubescent and densely softly spiny, with twin 15 mm slender sinuous smooth apical styles. Mature fruits with 2 globular lobes, each 6 mm diam. Seeds spherical, 5 mm diam.

Distribution — Sumatra including P. Simeulue , Borneo Sarawak. Note — Differs in Petiole stouter, 2 mm diam; blades below densely covered with volcano-like puncticulations, shiny and leathery. Macaranga andamanica Kurz, For. Andaman Is. Singapore 31 53, Tree Fl.

Malaya 2 ; Chiu, Guihaia 2 ; Chakrab. Macaranga brandisii King ex Hook. Rehder, J. Macaranga kampotensis Gagnep. France 69 , published , Lecomte, Fl. Indo-Chine 5 Macaranga bracteata Merr. Macaranga rosuliflora Croizat, J.

Macaranga trigonostemonoides Croizat, J. Treelet to 5 m. Twigs slender, 3 mm diam. Stipules and bud scales elliptic, 8 mm, with a caudate or subulate tip, chocolate brown, stiff but somewhat flexuous, with sparse spreading white whiskers, crowded at twig tip, erect, soon caducous. Leaves: petioles 1. Staminate inflorescences never forming witches' brooms, delicate thread-like spikes, 5 —12 cm, glabrous or with pale crisped and spreading hairs like petiole , terete; peduncle short; flower clusters tiny, 1—1.

Staminate flowers in clusters of c. Infructescences 3—6 cm spikes with terminal fruits; axis slender, terete, glabrous or pubescent. Fruits : a single developing subtended by 2 opposite variable sessile leafy bracts, elliptic, 1 cm long, or ovate, to 2. This is a widespread and highly variable species as Airy Shaw has pointed out. Its distinctive characters are the solitary fruit terminal on a slender spike and subtended by very variable leafy bracts. This fruit is strongly bilobed and black granular glandular with evanescent spines.

The staminate spike is delicate, with evenly spaced small flower clusters. The chocolate brown stipules have sparse spreading white whiskers. The plant is usually glabrous, but may bear pale crisped and spreading hairs on petiole, inflorescence axis and midrib below.

Macaranga lowii , which is also polymorphic, is very similar in habit, but has stiff chestnut brown stipules, which are glabrous except Tsang , Tsiang , pistillate flowers and fruits not terminal on the spikes and stouter staminate spikes with larger flower clusters. Macaranga digyna , a Sri Lankan endemic, is closely related. It has the pistillate parts like M. I am quite unable to maintain M. The characters used by Airy Shaw to distinguish it from M. From its description, M.

Macaranga angulata S. Davies, Kew Bull. Small tree to 10 m tall with smooth grey-brown bark; twigs 4—8 mm in diam. Stipules deltate, 6—10 by 6—10 mm, recurved, succulent, producing food-bodies on abaxial surface, up to 4 pairs present on the shoots. Staminate inflorescences paniculate, erect, 11—13 by 7—10 cm, glabrous, 3—4 axis orders, main axis flattened, first pair of secondary branches opposite with accessory branches; bracts deltate, 6—10 by 3—4 mm, caducous, margin entire, apex acute, glabrous or with scattered hairs; flower clusters with 20—30 flowers, spirally arranged and evenly spaced along inflorescence branches; bracteoles ovate, 3—5 by 3—4 mm, enclosing flower clusters and often strongly reflexed after anthesis, margin entire, apex acute to shortly acuminate, scattered to densely covered with minute red-brown hairs and yellow granular glands.

Pistillate inflorescences particulate, erect, 4—10 by 4—8 cm, glabrous or rarely with minute scattered hairs, up to 2 axis orders; bracts caducous. Pistillate flowers 2. Fruits 5—6 by 9—11 mm, subglobose, sessile, one discrete glandular patch on each carpel wall developing into a slender horn-like process 4—6 mm long, covered in yellow, sticky exudate. Seeds subtriangular-ovoid, c.

Distribution — Borneo Brunei, Sabah, Sarawak. This species is known from Gunung Kinabalu south along the mountains into Brunei and the Kelabit Highlands in northern Sarawak. It probably occurs further south in Sarawak and in the mountains of east Kalimantan although it is yet to be collected from there. This is one of the few ant-inhabited species of Macaranga that grow at over m altitude. It differs from related species in having deeply dissected 3—5 lobed leaves which appear quite angular because of the spreading lobes and the almost truncate leaf base, the petiole inserted only a short distance from the leaf margin, and the acute to shortly acuminate staminate bracteoles which have entire margins.

Davies mentioned that several specimens were slightly aberrant in having particularly variable leaves; recent more detailed field work suggests that all specimens belong to M. Macaranga angustifoli a Lauterb. Arnold Arb. Small tree 8 —16 m. Twigs slender, 2—3 mm diam. Stipules elliptic, 8 mm, apex acuminate, blackish brown, papery, glabrous, erect, soon caducous. Staminate inflorescences amongst leaves, fairly dense, narrow, 9—13 cm, glabrous or weakly furfuraceous racemes; branches to 4 cm, ascending, some arising from a flower cluster; peduncle 1—3 cm, main axis slender, 1 mm diam.

Infructescences as staminate but shorter, usually to 6 cm, and often spikes; bracteoles soon caducous. Fruits in groups of c. Seeds globose, finely verrucose, with sarcotesta. Distribution — New Guinea throughout, widespread. Lowlands to m. Note — The conspicuous bracteoles are highly diagnostic, though soon caducous in the pistillate. In leaf this closely resembles M. Macaranga ashtonii S. Large submontane tree to 25 —30 m tall and 30 cm dbh, with big pendulous leaves and a red-brown appearance; twigs 10—20 mm diameter, strongly angular when dry, terete when fresh, with prominent whitish lenticels, densely ferrugineus pubescent, particularly towards the apex, sometimes slightly glaucous, solid, exuding clear to pale reddish latex when cut, not housing ants.

Bark smooth, pale brown, hoop marked. Stipules deltate, 10— 15—25 by 8— 10—20 mm, apex acute, initially erect but often spreading to recurved, not glaucous, coriaceous, densely covered in reddish golden hairs, the hairs very dense towards the base but sparse towards the margins, the pair almost completely encircling the twig, 1—3 pairs present on the shoots.

Leaves : petioles terete but drying slightly flattened, stout, 12— 15—35 cm long, 4—8 mm in diam. Staminate inflorescences paniculate, erect, c. Pistillate flowers 4—6 mm long, solitary; calyx urceolate, c.

Fruits immature 10—12 by 6—8 mm, subglobose, compressed, shortly pedicellate, one discrete glandular patch covering most of each carpel wall but the sutures not glandular, at maturity yellow sticky exudate covering most of the fruit but not raised; pedicel 3—6 mm long, finely ferrugineus pubescent. Seeds immature subtriangular-ovoid, c. Distribution — Borneo Sabah, Sarawak. Macaranga ashtonii is a large tree in primary and secondary submontane forest. Abundant regeneration occurs in logged forest and along roadsides.

This species is named in honor of Professor Peter S. Ashton of Harvard University for his significant contribution to the ecology and systematics of Bornean trees. Macaranga ashtonii is a striking tree in submontane forest. The collecting localities stretch from Gunung Trus Madi in Sabah in the north, through the Kelabit Highlands of northern Sarawak, to the area of Gunung Penrissen near Padawan in the south.

Davies suspects that it occurs throughout the submonane forests of central Borneo, although it was not found during his recent trip to the summit of Gunung Murud in the Kelabit Highlands. It appears to be most closely related to another recently discovered Bornean endemic, Macaranga glandibracteolata. Macaranga ashtonii differs from M. Macaranga ashtonii also has less deeply pectinate staminate bracteoles, and the glandular patches cover almost the entire fruit wall.

Furthermore, M. Twigs slender, glabrous. Stipules narrowly triangular, 2 mm, soon caducous. Leaves : petioles 2—4 cm, glabrous; blades elliptic, 8—17 by 3.

Staminate inflorescences panicles 4—8 cm long, narrow, sparsely branched and flowered; peduncle glabrous; branches puberulous; bracts ovate triangular, aepx acute, puberulous without glands; bracteoles elliptic, 2—3 mm long, narrowed at base, entire or repando-lobulate, apex acute, glabrous or puberulous, with patelliform glands inside, spreading. Staminate flowers 1 mm diam. Pistillate inflorescences , flowers , fruits and seeds unknown.

Distribution — New Guinea only known from type. Only known from the type collection. Not seen by me. From the description this species has no very striking features. However, it keys out with the Dioica group.

I therefore place it there provisionally. Macaranga auctoris Whitmore, Gen. Treelet 5 m. Twigs stout 15 mm diam. Stipules not seen.

Leaves: petioles 45 cm, stout, 8 mm diam. Staminate inflorescences amongst leaves as a dense 8 cm diam. Staminate flowers 5 per cluster, shortly pedicellate; sepals free, outside with granular glands; stamens 2, anthers 4-locular. Distribution — Philippines Palawan, known from type only.

A Macaranga for the connoisseur, with its big grey peltate leaves and crowded inflorescences bearing purple red flowers, this must be a striking treelet. It must be an easy plant to spot, though I have not myself seen it on either of my two visits to Palawan. The greyness of the leaves is not a wax: the Kuhlman test failed.

I do not know where to place this species. The big peltate leaves echo the Mappa group. The rather large fimbriate, nerved bracteoles are reminiscent of M. Macaranga baccaureifolia Airy Shaw, Kew Bull. Malaya 2 , in Airy Shaw, Kew Bull. Small tree to 12 m. Twigs slender 3 mm, angled, smooth, rusty furfuraceous. Stipules 6 mm, subulate, widened at base, erect, slightly pubescent. Leaves: petioles 8—11 cm, slender, 2 mm diam. Staminate inflorescences spikes to 5 cm, terete, pubescent; peduncle absent; bracts not seen; flower clusters more or less contiguous; bracteoles spreading, ovate to 2 by 2 mm, shouldered or with 2 lateral cusps, apex acute, granular glandular without.

Staminate flowers developing in sequence, sessile, globular, 1 mm diam. Infructescences crowded amongst apical leaves, spikes to 9 cm, axis flattened, pubescent, with a single terminal fruit subtended by 2 bracts, latter leafy, orbicular, 2. Fruits strongly dicoccous, thickly woody, lobes globular, 1 cm diam.

Seeds round, 6 mm diam. Note — Corner Freshwater swamp—for. Johore Singapore, notes that in Johore this is gregarious and loses its leaves when the annual flooding recedes every February. Similar to M. Staminate bracteoles 5—7 mm long, petiolate, ovate-lanceolate, apex acuminate, deeply narrowly dentate, teeth tipped with conspicuous adaxial patellar glands, villous, granular glandular on both surfaces.

Distribution — Philippines Mindoro: Balabac; known from the type only. Macaranga bancana Miq. Thailand 8, 2 Macaranga triloba auct. Trees Malaya ; Whitmore, Tree Fl. Milne: Milne, Kew Bull. Abundant small tree to 23 m tall, but reproductive from only 2—3 m tall; twigs 4—9 mm in diam. Bark pale-brown to whitish, mottled, smooth with small lenticels, hoop-marked. Stipules broadly ovate, 6—8 by 6—9 mm, red-brown when fresh, usually finely furfuraceous on the base of the adaxial surface when young and becoming glabrous, the pair completely encircling the twig, succulent, recurved, producing food-bodies on the abaxial surface, usually 2—4 pairs present on the shoots.

Staminate inflorescences furfuraceous, reddish-brown, paniculate, erect, 10—20 by 5—15 cm, densely ferrugineus tomentose, particularly dense towards the apex and becoming more scattered to rarely almost glabrous at the base, with the hairs also slightly longer towards the base, up to 4 axis orders with the distal branches characteristically looping and convoluted, main axis flattened, first pair of secondary branches opposite with accessory branches; bracts ovate, 3—6 by 2—3 mm, margin entire, apex acute, finely ferrugineus pubes cent on both surfaces and the margin, caducous; flower clusters with 15—25 —30 flowers, spirally arranged and scattered along ultimate inflorescence branches: bracteoles small, broadly ovate to transversely elliptical, 1.

Pistillate inflorescences paniculate, erect, 3—11 by 3—7 cm, stout, scattered with short ferrugineus hairs towards the base and more dense towards the apex, up to 3 axis orders, secondary branches opposite and usually with accessory branches; bracts elliptic, 5—8 by c. Fruits 5—7 by 10—11 mm, bright green and slightly reddish on the sutures when fresh, subglobose, compressed, sessile, with scattered ferrugineus hairs on the sutures and at the base of the styles, with one discrete glandular patch on each carpel wall developing into a short pointed swelling c.

Macaranga bancana occurs in a broad range of habitats in the lowlands below about m. It is common on both clay and sandy soils, although clearly prefers the latter, which may in part be due to the water status of those soils, as it is also quite a common colonist of wet gullies along roadsides, alluvial forest areas, and the margins of degraded peat swamp forests.

Davies has not seen the Teijsmann collection that is the type of M. Macaranga bancana was previously mistaken for M. However, it differs greatly from M. Macaranga bancana is more closely related to M. Both M. In addition, M. Macaranga indistincta differs from M. Macaranga barkeriana Whitmore, Gen. Twigs very coarsely densely hispid with spreading pale golden 2—3 mm tufted hairs. Stipules larger, commonly 13 cm long, ultimately before falling gigantic, 24 by 8 cm; apical bud strongly gibbous, to 3 cm across.

Leaves : petioles flattened above, 5 mm across, hispid as twigs; blades mostly relatively broader 17—36 by 12— 30 cm, sometimes shallowly trilobed, mostly sub glabrous above except for nerves, below granular glands golden. Staminate inflorescences hispid with 4 axis orders, main axis stouter, 4 mm across near base, basal and some other branches opposite; bracteoles larger, 5 by 2 mm, apical half wholly covered by c. Staminate flowers : anthers 3- or 4-locular.

Infructescences racemose, axes hirsute as twigs, with a pair of opposite divaricate 8 cm branches, subtending bract larger, 50 by 8 mm; peduncle 3 cm. Ripe fruit unknown? Note — This is a coarsely hirsute relative of M. It is named for the collector, Christine Barker, botanist at Kew.

Macaranga beccariana Merr. Macaranga hypoleuca Rchb. Tree, 15—17 m tall, with simple architecture of the main trunk and secondary branches only; twigs 7—8 mm in diam. London, Bot. Homalomena doctersii Alderw. Homalomena elegans Engl. Homalomena elegantula A. Homalomena gadutensis M. Hotta, Gard. Singapore 45 ; Govaerts et al. Homalomena gaudichaudii Schott, Ann.

Homalomena griffithii Schott Hook. Homalomena obliquata Schott Hook. Homalomena ovata Schott Hook. India 6: , nom. Homalomena griffithii var. Homalomena griffithii f.

Homalomena elliptica var. Homalomena hasei P. Wong, Willdenowia ; Govaerts et al. Homalomena hastata M. Singapore 50 ; Govaerts et al. Homalomena hooglandii A. Hay, Blumea 53 ; Govaerts et al. Homalomena humilis Jack Hook. Chamaecladon angustifolium Jack Schott, Bonplandia Hannover 6: Homalomena angustifolia Jack Hook.

Chamaecladon humile Jack Miq. Chamaecladon pygmaeum Hassk. Homalomena pygmaea Hassk. Homalomena humilis var. Zeitung Berlin , nom. Homalomena purpurascens Schott Hook. Homalomena pygmaea var. Homalomena pumila var. Homalomena humilis subvar. Homalomena ellipticifolia Furtado, Gard. Homalomena hypsiantha P. Homalomena insignis N. Homalomena kalkmanii A. Hay, Blumea 62 ; Govaerts et al. Homalomena korthalsii Furtado, Gard. Homalomena subcordata Schott Engl. Homalomena latifrons Engl.

Homalomena lauterbachii Engl. Homalomena limnogena P. Wong, Webbia 77 ; Govaerts et al. Homalomena lindenii Rodigas Ridl.

Homalomena longipes Merr. Michigan Acad. Homalomena megalophylla M. Singapore 43 ; Govaerts et al. Homalomena metallica N. Curmeria metallica N. Homalomena mobula P. Homalomena monandra M. Homalomena nigrescens Schott Engl.

Homalomena obovata Ridl. Homalomena obscurifolia Alderw. Homalomena ovalifolia Schott Ridl. Homalomena ovata Engl. Reale Soc. Homalomena padangensis M. Singapore 48 ; Govaerts et al. Homalomena peekelii Engl. New Guinea to Solomon Islands. Homalomena pendula Blume Bakh. Backer, Bekn. Java 17 : 31 ; Govaerts et al. Homalomena purpurea Thunb. Backer, Bakh. India, Sikkim to W. Homalomena plicata P. Homalomena producta A. Hay, Blumea 54 ; Govaerts et al.

Homalomena pulleana Engl. Homalomena pyrospatha Bogner, Folia Malaysiana 8: 11 ; Govaerts et al. Homalomena robusta Engl. Homalomena rostrata Griff. Chamaecladon sanguinolentum Griff. Homalomena sagittifolia var. Peninsular Thailand to New Guinea. Homalomena rusdii M. Homalomena saxorum Schott Engl. Homalomena schlechteri Engl. Homalomena silvatica Alderw. Homalomena soniae A. Homalomena squamis-draconis S. Boyce, Aroideana ; Govaerts et al. Homalomena stollei Engl.

Homalomena engleri Bogner, Aroideana 8: 75 publ. Homalomena stongensis Zulhazman, P. Homalomena tenuispadix Engl. Homalomena terajaensis S. Boyce, Webbia ; Govaerts et al. Homalomena treubii Engl. Homalomena wongii S. Homalomena zollingeri Schott, Bonplandia Hannover 7: 30 ; Govaerts et al. Kiewia teijsmannii P. Boyce, Webbia 54 ; Govaerts et al.

Wong, Webbia 81 Lasia concinna Alderw. Lasia spinosa L. Thwaites, Enum. Lasia heterophylla Roxb. List: n. Lemna aequinoctialis Welw.

Gray, Manual, ed. Lemna trinervis Austin Small, Fl. Indian Bot. Bombay Nat. Lemna perpusilla Torr. New York 1: Hydrophace perpusilla Torr. Lunell, Amer. Naturalist 4: ; Govaerts et al. Canada to C. Introduced to Java, Nusa Tenggara. Lemna tenera Kurz, J. Staurogeton tener Kurz Tzvelev, Bot. Lemna trisulca L. Lenticula trisulca L. Staurogeton trisulcus L. Schur, Verh. Vereins Naturwiss.

Hermannstadt 4: 70 Hydrophace trisulca L. Bubani, Fl. Mark Brandenburg, ed. Reiches 9: Vereins Prov. Brandenburg 8 Leucocasia gigantea Blume Schott, Oesterr. Colocasia gigantea Blume Hook. China to W.

Nabalu corneri A. Hay S. Boyce, Webbia 56 ; Govaerts et al. Hay, Telopea 9: 29 Naiadia zygoseta S. Boyce, Webbia 60 ; Govaerts et al.

Boyce, Aroideana 27 Ooia altar S. Boyce, J. Ooia basalticola S. Ooia grabowskii Engl. Piptospatha grabowskii Engl. Meratus Mts. Ooia kinabaluensis Bogner S. Ooia paxilla P. Wong, Webbia 87 ; Govaerts et al. Ooia suavis S. Pedicellarum paiei M. Piptospatha repens H. Pistia stratiotes L. Pistia stratiotes var. Gartenzeitung 6: 19 Gartenzeitung 6: 20 Limnonesis commutata Schleid. Klotzsch, Abh. Berlin 24 Apiospermum obcordatum Schleid. Berlin Koch, Bot. Zeitung Berlin Podolasia stipitata N.

Pothoidium lobbianum Schott, Oesterr. Pothos atropurpurascens M. Pothos barberianus Schott, Aroideae: 24 ; Govaerts et al. Pothos beccarianus Engl. Pothos brevistylus Engl. Pothos brevivaginatus Alderw. Kew 93 , nom. Pothos clavatus Engl. Pothos curtisii Hook. Pothos peninsularis Alderw. India, Peninsular Thailand to Sumatera. Pothos cuspidatus Alderw. Pothos cylindricus C. Borneo to Sulawesi. Pothos englerianus Alderw. Pothos falcifolius Engl. Pothos hellwigii Engl.

Pothos insignis Engl. Pothos junghuhnii de Vriese in F. Miquel, Pl. Pothos longipedunculatus Engl. Himalaya to Myanmar, W. Pothos leptostachyus Schott, Prodr. Pothos longivaginatus Alderw. Pothos macrocephalus Scort. Pothos mirabilis Merr. Pothos motleyanus Schott, Aroideae: 25 ; Govaerts et al. Pothos ovatifolius Engl. Malesia to Philippines. Pothos oxyphyllus Miq. Pothos papuanus Becc. Pothos scandens L.

Indian Ocean, Trop. Pothos scandens var. Pothos angustifolius Raf. Himalaya to Myanmar, Jawa. Pothos hermaphroditus Blanco Merr. Pothos tener Wall. Roxburgh, Fl. Scindapsus tener Wall. Scindapsus arborum C. Scindapsus rumphii Schott C. Pothos versteegii Engl. Pothos zippelii Schott, Ann. Lugduno-Batavi 1: , pro syn. Boyce, Webbia 69 ; Govaerts et al. Pursegloveia kazuyae S. Wong, P. Low S. Low, Willdenowia Pursegloveia minima H. Okada S. Okada, Acta Phytotax. Pursegloveia orientalis S.

Remusatia vivipara Roxb. Caladium viviparum Roxb. Colocasia vivipara Roxb. Old World. Rhaphidophora angustata Schott, Ann. Rhaphidophora pteropoda Teijsm. Rhaphidophora araea P. Boyce, Gard. Rhaphidophora australasica F. Hollrung, Fl. Land: 19 Rhaphidophora balgooyi P. Rhaphidophora beccarii Engl. Rhaphidophora brevispathacea Engl.

Rhaphidophora conica Engl. Rhaphidophora conocephala Alderw. Rhaphidophora crassifolia Hook. Rhaphidophora cylindrosperma Engl. Rhaphidophora discolor Engl.

Rhaphidophora elliptica Ridl. Rhaphidophora elliptifolia Merr. Rhaphidophora floresensis P. Rhaphidophora foraminifera Engl. Rhaphidophora geniculata Engl. Krause, Nova Guinea 8: Rhaphidophora hayi P. Singapore 91 ; Govaerts et al. Rhaphidophora intrusa P. Rhaphidophora koordersii Engl. Rhaphidophora korthalsii Schott, Ann. Rhaphidophora celatocaulis N. Paris , provisionally listed as a synonym. Rhaphidophora ridleyi Merr.

Nansei-shoto, Peninsular Thailand to Malesia and W. Rhaphidophora latevaginata M. Rhaphidophora lobbii Schott, Prodr. Scindapsus lobbii Schott Ender, Index Aroid. Rhaphidophora maingayi Hook. Rhaphidophora megasperma Engl. Rhaphidophora megastigma Engl. Rhaphidophora microspadix K. Rhaphidophora mima P. Rhaphidophora minor Hook. Rhaphidophora moluccensis Engl. Rhaphidophora montana Blume Schott, Ann.

Scindapsus montanus Blume Kunth, Enum. Rhaphidophora angulata Miq. Thailand to Malesia. Rhaphidophora neoguineensis Engl. Land: 19 ; Govaerts et al. Rhaphidophora oligosperma Alderw. Rhaphidophora pachyphylla K. Rhaphidophora parvifolia Alderw.

Rhaphidophora peeploides Engl. Rhaphidophora pilosa P. Rhaphidophora puberula Engl. Rhaphidophora sabit P. Rhaphidophora sarasinorum Engl.

Rhaphidophora schlechteri K. Rhaphidophora spathacea Schott, Ann. Rhaphidophora engleri Kaneh. Rhaphidophora spuria Schott Nicolson, Allertonia 1: ; Govaerts et al. Rhaphidophora peepla var. Rhaphidophora stenophylla K. Louisiade Arch. Rhaphidophora stolleana Engl. Papua New Guinea. Rhaphidophora sylvestris Blume Engl. Scindapsus sylvestris Blume Kunth, Enum. Scindapsus angustifolius Hassk. Rhaphidophora angustifolia Schott, Bonplandia Hannover 5: 45 , nom.

Rhaphidophora lingulata Hassk. Koch ex Endler, Index Aroid. Borneo: Rhaphidophora talamauana Alderw. Rhaphidophora tenuis Engl. Rhaphidophora ternatensis Alderw. Rhaphidophora teysmanniana Engl. Rhaphidophora typha P. Rhaphidophora ustulata P.

Rhaphidophora versteegii Engl. Krause, Nova Guinea 8: ; Govaerts et al. Rhaphidophora waria P. Rhynchopyle elongata Engl. Piptospatha elongata Engl. Rhynchopyle nivea P.

Boyce, S. Boyce, Webbia 72 ; Govaerts et al. Rhynchopyle pileata S. Boyce, Willdenowia Sauromatum brevipilosum Hett. Hirsutiarum brevipilosum Hett. Sauromatum horsfieldii Miq. Typhonium horsfieldii Miq.

Steenis, Bull. Pedatyphonium horsfieldii Miq. Heterostalis pedata Schott Schott, Ann. France 11 Hu, Dansk Bot. Pedatyphonium larsenii S. Wu ex H. Li, Y. Tseng, Acta Phytotax. Pedatyphonium calcicola C. Tseng J. Li, Acta Phytotax. Pedatyphonium kunmingense H. Pedatyphonium omeiense H.

Zhu, Acta Bot. Li ex H. He, Acta Bot. Schismatoglottis acutangula Engl. Schismatoglottis acutifolia Engl. Schismatoglottis ahmadii A. Hay, Telopea 9: ; Govaerts et al. Schismatoglottis angustifolia Alderw. Selamat Siang Per 9 Februari sebesar Rp Mohon maaf Pak, ada kesalahan pada kami.

Artinya tidak diblokir? Mohon maaf Terima Kasih. Selamat Sore, Per 9 Februari sebesar Rp4. Selamat Pagi, 1. Hampura, punten… minta infonya untuk pajak D SAG? Baik terimakasih atas infonya. Minta infonya untuk pajak kendaraan F BS. Sudah termasuk Pak,. Selamat Siang, Per 10 Februari sebesar Rp Tolong di cek pajak motor saya D VDE. Trima kasih.. Hatur nuhun pak,, atas info na.. Itu per 1 bulan atau 2 pak?

Sudah termasuk denda juga? Itu sudah termasuk denda belum pak? Sudah Bu. Selamat Siang, Apakah Nomor kendaraan sudah betul? Kami cek tidak terdapat pada data kami. Selamat Siang, Per 13 Februari sebesar Rp9. Itu brp tahun? Maaf pak kok sampai bnyak gitu ya pajaknya? Itu berapa tahun? Selamat Pagi, Dari tahun Pak, sudah termasuk denda dan tunggakan.

Status kendaraan sudah di blokir Terima kasih. Itu sdh dengan cabut berkasnya. Biaya yang tidak ada pada rincian diatas, berarti belum termasuk Pak.

Maaf pak kira kira smua brp yg harus sy bayarkan untuk cabutk berkas. Mohon maaf Pak, Untuk seluruh biaya yang diperlukan alangkah lebih baik jika Bapak langsung mendatangi kantor samsat induk dan menghubungi petugas di loket informasi Terima Kasih. Maaf pak jadi kalau sy bayar pajak berarti otomatis sudah tidak d blokir lg. Kalau di blokir pak bgaimana cara agar tidak d blokir lg. Dibaliknamakan saja Pak kendaraannya. Bagaimana cara agar kendaraan tidak di blokir lg pak. Maaf kok bnyak gitu ya pajaknya…itu berapa tahun?

Maaf pak kok tdk ada info pajak yg sy kirim. TErima kasih. Selamat Siang, Per 13 Februari sebesar Rp Terimakasih infonya …. Mohon infonya berapa jumlah pajak untuk. Selamat Siang, Per 13 Februari sebesar Rp1. Selamat Pagi, Per 14 Februari sebesar Rp Maaf utk yg kedua saya salah ketik Platnya.

Untuk biaya balik nama sama mutasi habisnya brpa ya? Selamat Pagi, Per 14 Februari sebesar Rp1. Saya ingin cek data Mobil EMA hitam trimakasih. Selamat Pagi, Per 14 Februari sebesar Rp3. Selamat Pagi, Per 14 Februari sebesar Rp2. Trimakasih sebelumnya. Selamat Sore, Per 14 Februari sebesar Rp3. Selamat Siang, Per 20 Februari sebesar Rp1.

Mohon info D BT Hitam. Pak tolong info status kendaraan motor D HJ hitam. Mohon bantuannya untuk informasi pajak mobil D OB? Selamat Siang, Per 20 Februari sebesar Rp3.

Estimasi sebesar Rp Bisa Pak, selama kendaraan terdaftar di wilayah provinsi Jawa Barat Terima kasih. Selamat Siang, Per 20 Februari sebesar Rp2. Trims infonya. Samsat induk maksudnya kantor Samsat Kota Bogor min? Untuk biaya balik nama F BD berapa ya Pak? Calon pemilik baru KTP kota bogor juga. Berarti masih satu kantor samsat ya Pak? Mhn dicek B OX warna Merah.

Thx bantuannya. Selamat Siang, Untuk blokir kepemilikan dapat dilakukan oleh pemilik dengan mendatangi kantor samsat induk dan mengisi surat pernyataan Pak. Per 20 Februari sebesar Rp1. Betul Pak, pajak berlaku sampai 28 Oktober Selamat Pagi, Per 21 Februari sebesar Rp1. Selamat Pagi, sebesar Rp1. Info D zti hitam. Selamat Pagi, Per 21 Februari sebesar Rp Info D ue hitam. Thanks for replay. Selamat Pagi, Per 21 Februari sebesar Rp3.

Selamat malam.. Selamat Pagi, Per 23 Februari sebesar Rp Lengkap sekali.. Terima kasih banyak.. Mohon bantuannya biyaya pajak D MV. Selamat Siang, Per 21 Februari sebesar Rp Selamat Siang, Per 21 Februari sebesar Rp7. Selamat Siang, Per 21 Februari sebesar Rp6. Selamat Siang, Mohon diinformasikan warna Plat nomor kendaraan apakah kuning atau hitam?

Selamat Siang, Jenis kendaraan hino? Per 21 Februari sebesar Rp5. Selamat Siang, Per 21 Februari sebesar Rp4. Selamat Siang, Per 21 Februari sebesar Rp1. KTP pemilik daerah yang akan dituju asli dan fotokopi — bila berbeda kantor samsat Terima Kasih. Selamat Siang, Per 21 Februari sebesar Rp3. Mohon bantuannya untuk F GW berapa yah? Selamat Siang, Per 21 Februari sebesar Rp2. Jika sekalian pindah nama kira2 berapa ya pak?

Terima kasih sebelumnya pak. Apakah mutasi juga, atau masih dalam satu wilayah Samsat? Mutasi ke Cianjur pak. Ada tambahan biaya sesuai dengan PP no 60 tahun Pak, Estimasi tambahan biaya adalah sbb : 1. Selamat Pagi, Per 22 Februari sebesar Rp Itu sudah termasuk biaya tunggakan yaa pak? Mohon info D FJ hitam Nuhun.. Ok, terima kasih. Kesimpulan sy berarti Rp. Kesimpulan sy Rp. Soalnya saya mau bayar pajak Terima kasih pak. Selamat Pagi, jenis kendaraan toyota new avanza veloz?

Per 22 Februari sebesar Rp4. Terima kasih yaa bapak sudah bantu jawab. Status kendaraan sudah diblokir Pak. Terima kasih banyak pak. Apakah mutasi berbeda kantor samsat antara Bapak dengan pemilik sebelumnya? Oke Bapak Terimakasih Banyak Atas bantuannya..

Sukses terus bapenda jabar. Selamat Siang, Per 22 Februari sebesar Rp Terimakasih :. Selamat Siang, Per 22 Februari sebesar Rp2. Selamat Siang, sebesar Rp Mohon bantuannya untuk informasi pajak B EMF, tks. Oke, terimakasih. Hatur nuhun kang infona. Mohon info pajak mobil bffm hitam? Selamat Pagi, Per 23 Februari sebesar Rp1.

Terima kasih banyak pak info nya. Mohon info pajak motor DVDE hitam. Per 23 Februari sebesar Rp4. Selamat Siang, Per 23 Februari sebesar Rp Selamat Siang, Sebesar Rp4. Selamat Siang, Per 23 Februari sebesar Rp1. Selamat Siang, Per 23 Februari sebesar Rp2. Sudah termasuk biaya 5 tahunan ya min?

Mohon bantuannya untuk informasi pajak kendaraan R4 sya dgn no. Pol: D DE,,brapa ya??? Trima kasih…. Selamat Siang, sebesar Rp2. Terima kasih admin….. Dalam artian apakah nanti kedepannya saya bayar pajak pe bulan 3 [maret]??? Selamat Siang, sebesar Rp3. Mohon bantuannya untuk informasi pajak mobil B KZI? Selamat Pagi, Sebesar Rp1. Mohon bantuanya, informasi pajak motor E YAG merah. Selamat Pagi, Sebesar Rp Kang d uaj warna pink. Selamat Pagi, sebesar Rp Apakah Bisa Dibayarkan di samsat Garut.?

Selamat siang mohon info untuk z li hitam Saya sms tidak ada balasan…. Selamat Siang, Sebesar Rp Kalau mau mutasi harus ada proses cabut berkas Pak di samsat induk. Siang, mohon info BVFC hitam. Sore, Apakah nopol sudah benar dan terdaftar di provinsi Jawa Barat? Saya jg ragu kebenaran nya pak. Mohon bantuannya nomor f ep gak bs. Mohon info pajak motor DVBC hitam. Selamat Pagi, Sebesar Rp2.

Selamat Pagi, Sebesar Rp4. Mohon info D GO Hitam. Selamat Siang, Sebesar Rp3. Selamat Siang, Sebesar Rp5. Selamat Siang, Sebesar Rp1. Apakah bayar pajak hanya d samsat dan outlet kabupaten bekasi saja Pada tanggal 27 Feb Mohon maaf info e xv. Baik pak terima kasih infonya.

Info D BN hitam. Hatur nuhun infona. Mohon info untuk pajak BKIE. Selamat Siang, Sebesar Rp6. Selamat Siang, Sebesar Rp 6. Sore, sebesar Rp. Mohon info pajak kendaraan Nopol D AR, tks. Pagi kang, Jumlahnya sebesar rp. Mohon infonya untuk kendaraan saya F CO hitam. Mohon infonya pajak mobil nopol D MZ. Selamat pagi pak, mohon info pajak motor F FJ.. Mohon info pajak kendaraan Nopol B YW. Sore, sebesar rp.

Siang , Sebesar rp. Aslmkm pak,. Nuhun ah. Agar ke depannya bapak dapat dapat lebih mudah dalam membayar pajak kendaraan karena salah satu persyaratan untuk pengesahan stnk tahunan adalah identitas pemilik Kayanya belum bisa bayar di tangsel deh pak, soalnya beda provinsi.

B KIE bisa byr di balaraja gak ya. Tenks infonya. Tolong cek pajak F DO hitam.. Halo, mohon info boleh untuk pajak motor B KFA. Pagi kang, Nopolnya apa sudah benar bu? Sudah benar pak E D. Melalui sms tidak ada jawaban. Mohon info pajak kendaraan d kj. Sms centernya error ya kang? Minta tolong check pajak B ZYX dong kang.. Mohon info pajak bemf dan pajak tahun sudah dibayarkan apa belum, tks. Mau tanya pk ,klu syart2 gnti plt bw pa j y pk, selain stnk?

Pada tanggal 3 Mar Mohon info f mf Pada tanggal 3 Mar Selamat PAgi. Siang pak, Ada info nopol kendarannya? Dan bapak nego dengan siapa? Petugas Bapenda atau?? Mohon info f pi hitam. Mohon infonya jumlah pajak dan jatuh temponya B EMF, terima kasih. Mohon info pajak dgn nopol F CN hitam. Sms ke server tidak ada jawaban. Sore pah, Estimasi rp. Selamat siang, apakah bisa membantu cek pajak dengan nopol E 98 MA, terimakasih.

Malem pak apa bisa cek pajak nopol f jd telat 2th. Pa saya mau tau biaya pajak motor saya F KX,, terima kasih mohon dibantu pa. Tidak bisa pak, identitas pemilik rekwning dan pemilik kendaraan harus sama. Selamat sore pak,mohon info pajak kendaraan F OP. Mohon info F OP merah. Maaf pak mohon infonya untuk pajak kendaraan dengan nomer pol TWB Terimakasih!!

Selamat pagi kang mohon bantuannya untuk info pajak motor b zhm. Sore pak, estimasi yang harus dibayarkan termasuk denda sebesar rp. Sore pak, estimasi di rp. Informasi lebih lengkap silahkan hubungi loket informasi di kantor samsat. Terima kasih atas infonya pak Hatur nuhun…. Sore, Estimasi rp. Mohon info pajak untuk D AO Terimakasih. Sore, Estimasi di rp. Sore pak, Pakai surat kuasa Pak. Sore, Estimasi sebesar rp.

Mohon info untuk kendaraan F LN plat hitam, berapa biaya pajaknya? Ingin bayar pajak bermotor f hz. Kira2 brp yah.