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Japanese massage white girl - Video Terbaru Hari ini

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New York, the United States Namsan cable car. He expresses necessity. Nurul Fauziyah. Roy, what is Mr. Documentary and drama series that discover the dramatic women who ushered in a new era, and features up-and-coming actr… Read more.

You have to buy the glue. Gea : Read article people are rushing to the bank of the river. Enka singer Hikawa Kiyoshi kii hosts a japanese massage white girl party welcoming guests with food and songs. What makes the first visit seem overwhelming? What is the message? They are used to express japanesr. A squid protects itself by squirting blue ink at its predators.

Veteran rakugo storyteller Shofukutei Tsurube travels across Japan with a personality, introducing families they meet a… Read more. The show is MC-ed by comedian Hiroiki Ariyoshi. The mascot character "Kaneo-kun", who loves money, visits various plac… Read more.

In , Hagizaki, Tatsuo Kotaro Koizumi , the accounting dept. Documentary and drama series that discover the dramatic women who ushered in a new era, and features up-and-coming actr… Read more. Various cultural aspects of Japan are being accepted as cool by foreigners.

Japan is consisted of more than islands. This is a variety program exploring isolated islands where only a few fa… Read more. Having giving up on her child with an unfaithful lover, a desperate woman decides to run away with the baby that her lo… Read more.

A unique theater show in which the showman chooses one item of the world and presents how to use or operate it with som… Read more. Takeshiro Shikota Ryo Yoshizawa is a pediatrician in Hokkaido. One day, Takeshiro is transferred to the newly establi… Read more. Goben no Tsubaki The Scarlet Camellia. Kihei Okuda Eiji , a wholesaler of medical drugs in Nihonbashi, is on the verge of death.

His daughter Oshino Kuninak… Read more. Nodoka Iwasaki Nao is a single mother, with a son. She has recently moved to a port city and experiences a hard time … Read more. NHK's th drama serial is a story about Mai, a shy heroine who admires the sky and becoming a pilot. Struggling to ac… Read more. The 50th All Japan Karatedo Championship. The red double-decker bus.

Why should visitors go to Harrods? Because there are many tube stations, of which 63 Who was the former owner of Harrods? What is Piccadilly Circus? What makes Piccadilly Circus attractive at night? Because there are signs everywhere—overhead and on the walls—telling us what to do and where to us tickets. Because the place is both very attractive and unique, from the magnificent Egyptian elevator to the extravagant Old World interiors, and it fills with regal grandeur.

It is technically a traffic roundabout in the heart of London. The bright lights. Have a picnic at the East Garden of the Imperial Palace. Learn the history of Tokyo by visiting Edo-Tokyo Museum. Peserta didik mengidentifikasi klausa pengandaian 7. Go to Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tower to observe the bawahi klausa tersebut. Peserta didik yang lain menyimak dan menyampaikan jawabannya apabila berbeda dengan jawaban temannya Develop the note or list you have made in TASK 16 into 4.

Sebagai kegiatan pengembangan, peserta didik diminta a sequential text. Contoh jawaban: 1. Peserta didik diminta membaca kembali daftar atau tips 1. If you rather not pay admission fees, you can still experience sebelumnya. Buckingham Palace by witnessing the Changing of the 2. Peserta didik diminta mengembangkan kalimat-kalimat Guard also referred to Guard Mounting , If you visit London, explore the British Museum, one of panjang.

If you decide it to be one of your destinations, visit the membantu mereka apabila menemui kesulitan. If you—like many other London tourists—want an expansive didik untuk membacakan jawabannya.

Peserta didik yang view of the city, you should head to Tower Bridge. If you visit London, broaden your knowledge by visiting memeriksa dan memberi nilai. Contoh jawaban: 9. If you visit London, ride on London Eye which delivers great Tokyo is a marvelous mix of modern living and old- views of London city.

If you visit London, take a trip around London by open-top mascots. There are shrines and stone lanterns and department store. If you visit London, hang out in Piccadilly Circus. The auction is the main reason travelers or tourists fill the market at predawn hours. So, if you want to go there, arrive at the market before 5 a. If you Write a note or list about what visitors can do or enjoy when prefer to do your exploring at a more reasonable hour, keep visiting the city. There are plenty of sushi counters there.

The shrine is wonderfully serene and austere, not colorful or flashy like other Asian places of Read the song lyrics. When visiting the shrine, you can write wishes on What is the message? On The message of the song is we should be faithful. Sunday mornings, you are likely to see a traditional wedding procession through the courtyard—the bride in a white kimono and hood and the groom in his formal black robe, walking together under a big red parasol, with Shinto priests leading the way and the rest of the wedding party trailing behind.

Have a picnic in the East Garden of the Imperial Palace. Jawaban: Unlike other tourist spots which is crowded with visitors, the 1. E Imperial Palace lacks of crowds to an application policy, 6. E which limits the number of visitors. So, if you want to visit the palace, reserve entrance tickets several weeks in B.

Create a dialog using expressions of offering. The most favorite spot in the Contoh jawaban: palace is the flourishing green space East Gardens which Amira : Good afternoon. May I help you? Yes, please. Do you have a book plenty of shady spots to recline and open fields to picnic. How many would you like refreshing your bodies and minds. Traditional with teahouse and Mother and Child Forest. Farah : Thank you. During cherry blossom season, between late March and early April, the central lawn areas are particularly stunning.

People love to have a picnic during the season. If you want to really get to know Tokyo, head to the gigantic Edo-Tokyo Museum. This expertly designed museum recreates the history of the city with large-scale models of important events and architectural monuments. It functions as a radio and television broadcasting structure as well as a tourist destination. The tower has two observation decks; one at meters and the other at meters. This tower is easily recognized from all over the city due to its red and white spire.

Take a walk across the famous intersection outside Shibuya Station. On sunny afternoons or clear evenings, the surrounding area is packed with shoppers, students, young couples and commuters. When the lights turn red at this busy junction, they all turn red at the same time in every direction.

Traffic stops completely and pedestrian surge into the intersection from all sides, like marbles spilling out of a box. Go to Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tower to observe the city views. If you go to Tokyo Tower, you need to pay admission fees. However, in Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tower, you can observe the city from two observatories provided, without shedding any yen. One of the observatories is open between a. If you want to get the best view, arrive at the tower in the late afternoon to early evening, to watch the sunset and Tokyo switch on its evening lights.

Based on the knowledge and skills you have learned, you are expected to: 1. Look at the picture! What does the caption mean? What message do you receive from the caption?

In this unit you will learn how to understand captions and write texts to accompany illustrations captions. Please understand and attempt all the tasks thoroughly. Listen and repeat. Knowledge is not about age, but education, learning and 3. Give me a tree to save Earth. Peserta didik yang lain diminta mendengarkan dengan 3.

Just believe in yourselves that you can do it. Make your days as beautiful as a blooming flower. Graduation is not final but a step towards the future. TASK 1. What do friends mean? Graduation is not final but Just believe in yourselves that 2. Where can you find comfort and calm? What can make the world better? Where will positive thinking lead you? Where does success come from?

Friends mean people who smile brightly, laugh loudly and enjoy longevity. In a family. To a positive life. Our dreams. Knowledge is not about age, but education, learning and experience. Listen and write down the sentences you have heard under the correct pictures, to make meaningful captions. The prettiest language is a smile. Hard work is a powerful weapon to beat talent. Success starts from the first step.

We should make it pleasant. You can grab the world with books. Planting trees. Because after graduation we venture into the future. TASK 2 5. We should believe in ourselves. Answer the questions based on the captions you have 6. Knowledge comes from education, learning and experience. What is the best greeting? What should people do to become talented? How do people achieve success? What should people do to know about the world?

Write the messages of the captions in TASK 3. Caption 2 3. Caption Message 3. Caption 1 The writer wants to persuade the readers that they should make their lives happy and pleasant TASK 2 as a beautiful blooming flower. It is smile. They should work hard. Caption 2 The writer wants to persuade the readers to plant 3.

They start from the first step. They should read books. Caption 3 The writer wants to show those who graduated TASK 3 Contoh jawaban from university or college that their future lives Caption Message have just begun. Caption 4 The writer wants to persuade the readers that Caption 1 The writer wants to show that a smile is the they have to believe in themselves so they will be best way to greet others. Caption 3 The writer wants to show that the first step of our efforts can lead to success, so we should not be afraid to step ahead to success.

Caption 4 The writer wants to show that people will know about the world from reading books. You : Which one do you think is a good caption? Your friend : I think the first one. You : Why do you think so? Your friend : The words are arranged interestingly and gives Arrange the following sentences in the correct order to form a clear message about friendship.

Besides, the a sequential dialog. I like the Then, practice the dialog with a friend. It Jawaban: really describes best friends. What about you? The correct arrangement of the sentences is 4—8—1—9—3—6—5—7—2. You : I think the fourth caption is the best because it gives a message about life.

The writer wants to remind us that our lives never stop, like waves, so we have to keep moving. Your friend : I see. By the way, which one is not a good caption? You : I think the second picture is not a good caption. Your friend : Can you explain why it is not a good caption? Complete the statements based on the dialog in TASK 6. You : I actually like the words and the message, but 1. Yuda says that the word accompanying the nature people to read.

Your friend : I agree. Jawaban: Work in groups. Caption 2 Match the words in column A with their suitable meanings in Friends are the flowers of the garden of life. They always make our lives more beautiful. Jawaban: Discussion: 1. The first caption has a good meaning about home. I feel comfortable at home when I feel tired or depressed. You : I agree with you. The second caption has a good message too. It shows the importance of friends in our lives.

In pairs, create a dialog based on the captions in TASK 7. Your friend : You are right. What about the grammar used? Use the clues as the guideline. You : They use present tense. Then, practice the dialog. Peserta didik memahami kembali teks penyerta gambar captions di TASK 7. Peserta didik mengguna- jawaban: kan petunjuk yang tersedia sebagai panduan. Caption 1 3. Parents allow their children to 2 find the key that opens the 4.

Parents give their children 3 plenty of time and space to explore the 4 miracles of the world. Contoh jawaban: Parents guide their children to find the means of life, 5 their You : What do you think about the captions? Ask your partner to write words, phrases or sentences on each picture.

What are their meanings? Read and memorize the words. Word Synonym Meaning 1. The best you is when you benefit others. Be strong like a reef which withstands swift waves.

You are the best gift from God which makes my life more Jawaban: meaningful. Amazing heritage from our ancestors. Thank you for being my best friend. Read the song lyrics. What is the message? Jawaban: 1. E Contoh jawaban: 6.

A The message of the song is that when you believe in God and trust in God, miracles will happen. Make a caption based on your own idea. Contoh jawaban: Friends never let you alone in your sadness.

What do you see? Make opinions about the pictures briefly. Besides, you will also learn how to express facts in present, past and future forms. It is a bird of paradise. The bird is admired for its exotic plumage. It is best known for its extravagantly colorful coat, elongated tail Discuss the following questions with your friends. Share your answers with the class.

Despite the name, jellyfish is not actually fish. It also has tentacles around its mouth that vary in length depending on the species of jellyfish. Peserta didik diminta memahami pertanyaan-pertanyaan 3. It has only one horn which is berikut. Peserta didik mendiskusikan jawaban-jawabannya 4. It is a small species of primate and is nocturnal. Apabila kesulitan, peserta didik dapat Its most distinctive feature is that its head is able to turn melihat kamus atau referensi yang mereka miliki.

Peserta didik menyampaikan jawabannya dan peserta 5. The fish is called manta ray. It can grow to nearly 25 feet didik yang lain menyimak. It is a maleo bird, from Sulawesi. It has a unique way to care jawabannya apabila berbeda dengan jawaban temannya. Instead of incubating its eggs, this bird lays its 4.

Furthermore, when the jawaban-jawaban yang sesuai. It is clown frogfish. The fish is able to camouflage, changing Jawaban: colors, to stay hidden in their reef homes.

It refers to the animals of a given region or period It has skin anomalies that allow it to impersonate the colors considered as a whole dictionary. It is a bekantan. It is an endemic animal from Kalimantan. The unique feature of this animal is its long nose. Besides, it has reddish brown hair with a large and distended stomach.

Contoh jawaban: 2. Javan rhinos, Sumatran elephants, orang utans, many kinds of birds peacocks, birds of paradise, eagles, etc. There are many factors that treathen their lives, like forest fires, forest clearing by human activities, natural disasters, hunting, etc. Illegal fishing, the use of explosive materials to catch fish, Then, find their meanings. The government issued a law restricting animal hunting, 1. There kata berikut dengan lantang, satu per satu. Peserta didik melafalkan kembali kata-kata tersebut dengan lafal yang benar dan akurat.

What are they? Peserta didik bekerja berpasangan dan setiap pasangan Jawaban: mengamati gambar-gambar binatang berikut. Tiap pasangan berdiskusi untuk mendeskripsikan hal 3. Peserta didik yang lain menyimak dan setelah itu, melengkapi atau membetulkan jawaban yang disampaikan temannya. You know, the lake where the jellyfish live was formed by the movement of 8 tectonic plates that have 9 uplifted part of the sea, known as Kakaban Island.

The students must submit their Indonesian assignments Doni : That makes sense. Farah : O. My friends and I decide on looking for references in Doni : Thanks. Look at that giant tree! It must have been growing for fifty years. A squid protects itself by squirting blue ink at its predators. All participants of the batik carnival are wearing very Complete the following statements based on the dialog in TASK 7.

I need your attention, please. There is important Jawaban: information for you all. Would you print the brochure from the Internet for me, 2. I reckon your idea to go camping during the long 4. It will be interesting if we have a chance to go diving 6. In my opinion, the underwater scenery of Raja 8. Their biology assignment. They are classmates. A poster about underwater life. Andin : What brochure is it? To get ideas for a poster they are going to make.

It can be 10 meters long, meaning that it is as big as a school Sumatran Tiger 2 Movement. Andin : I see. They will print the picture and write the facts about a giant Riko : So, what do you think if we participate? Andin : Sumatran tigers are 3 endangered animals; 8. They are as wide as the size of a dinner plate. So, I It refers to a giant squid. Riko : We have similar 5 thoughts. Andin : So, how can we participate in the movement?

What does the brochure say? Riko : The brochure says that we can participate by donating money to the 6 non-profitable organization. Listen and complete the dialog based on what you have heard. Andin : Do you think the organization is 7 trustworthy?

Doni : You look serious. What are you reading? Andin : Good idea! Do you know what it is? Riko : O. What do you think about this jellyfish? Soal yang dikerjakan oleh peserta didik: Farah : Guess what! The jellyfish is from our country! Doni : Really? Where does it live? The jellyfish is 5 stingless! Riko : So, what do you think if we participate? Doni : Are you sure? I think all jellyfish have stings. So, I think, we should participate. Setiap pasangan membaca dan memahami kembali Andin : So, how can we participate in the movement?

Satu peserta didik mengajukan dua pertanyaan dan organization. What is the purpose of the brochure? According to Andien, why should they participate in the Contoh jawaban: movement? You : What is the dialog about? What places the animals under threat? You : Who are talking in the dialog? What can they do to participate in the movement? Your friend : I think they are friends or classmates. Who issued the brochure? You : Correct. What will the speakers do after the conversation?

Your friend : Who brings the poster? Your friend : Why does he show the poster to Dava? Movement Your friend : I agree. Your questions, please. You : Why does he feel like that? Because Sumatran tigers are endangered animals. You : Correct answer. Now your turn. Human activities and natural phenomena. Why does Gigih think that a month is 4. They can donate money to the non-profitable prepare? You : Because he and his band practice once a week 6. The non-profitable organization. They will browse the internet, to check on the non- Your friend : What does Gigih suggest to Dava?

You : He suggests he and his band decide on the 8. The word refers to the non-profitable organization that songs they will perform and practice to play the arranged the movement. Next questions are yours. What will Dava do soon? Your friend : He will speak to his band, to decide on whether they will join the competition or not.

You : What will Gigih do for them? Arrange the following sentences to form a sequential dialog. Your friend : He will support them. Then, practice the dialog in pairs. You : Well done! Your answers are correct. Jawaban: The correct arrangement of the sentences is 4—16—7—14—2—9—1— 11—8—15—3—10—5—12—6— TASK 1 Arrange the sentences to form a sequential dialog. Then, practice the dialog with a friend. Arga : In my opinion, yes, it was.

The program was Ask and answer questions based on the sequential dialog in about melting polar ice and how it affects us. TASK 9, in turns. It will certainly increase the sea levels and gradually the 1.

Peserta didik membentuk pasangan dengan seorang land where we live will sink. We can actually practice 3. Arga : I guess so. You know what, I think we are our English skills, which will encourage us to responsible for this phenomenon. Arga : Did you watch Discovery Channel last night? Dian : I agree with you. Arga : The polar ice is melting due to global warming Jojo : Me too.

Genta : Listen to me, please. For example, the use of an announcement about a writing contest held by Chlorofluorocarbons for our household the Embassy of the Republic of South Korea.

Genta : You only need to write the most interesting things 6. Raka : What do you mean? Raka : Sorry, I already slept. Was it interesting? Raka : I see. So, we need to be friendlier to nature. Raka : Oh, how terrible it is. Genta : Well, we can look for references or browse the Raka : What time was it? Answer the following questions based on the sequential Keke : What do you mean? Genta : Listen, the prize for the winner is a free trip to South Korea for a week!

What are the speakers talking about? What were Arga and Raka doing at p. Genta : Good! What causes polar ice to melt? Who are responsible for the melting polar ice? The innovative brushless motors make it one of the most reliable and quiet motors in the industry.

The SL-Track massage roller system is smooth and delivers an incredibly consistent massage that can be adjusted to be deep yet smooth. Osaki OS-Pro Honor offers you the coolest and a life like massage using ancient Japanese massage techniques. Come experience the joys of 3D massage in the privacy of your office or home. Backrest Scanning System. The Osaki 3D Honor computer body scan has an upgraded 3 core processor to improve the accuracy and speed of mapping the back prior to delivering an incredible massage.

The starting point of the massage can be adjusted. Right after the computer scan is completed you have a 5 second window to raise or lower the massage starting point. The body scan will map out he curvature of the back to ensue that consistent amount of massage pressure is being applied top to bottom. Heating on Lumbar. The Osaki Honor has heating pads located on the Lumbar area.

It offers the heat therapy which is a great compliment to the roller and airbag massage. The Osaki 3D Honor is equipped with the lasted generation of 3D massage technology. The 3D features allow for the massage rollers to extend out and retract in on the backrest. The massage head 3D function will dictate the intensity of the massage. As the rollers extend out, the stronger the massage will be. Zero Gravity Mode. Inspired by NASA technology, the Zero gravity position is the perfect position to enjoy a massage, aligning your back relative to your thigh at an optimal level of comfort.

When reclined into the zero-gravity position, the complete weight of your back is virtually supported by the backrest which maximizes the intensity of the massage. In this position when the knees are brought above the chest will optimize your blood flow, in order to relax the body more.