Deep tissue massage techniques pdf - Video Terbaru Hari ini

Deep tissue massage techniques pdf - Video Terbaru Hari ini

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Lebih terperinci. Blood glucose minimum predicts maximal lactate steady state on running. This research is an experimental research with pre and post test design group control design. Masuk Pendaftaran. Tekanan darah sebelum pdg DTM yang digambarkan melalui MAP tersebut dapat dikatakan bahwa rata-rata lansia mengalami hipertensi.

Deep tissue massage techniques pdf, N. Lindgren, L. Dari yang sebelumnya memiliki pola kehidupan agraris berubah menjadi Lebih terperinci. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Instrumen Instrumen penelitian ini menggunakan pedoman pemberian deep tissue massage dalam bentuk standard operating procedure SOP yang berisi langkah-langkah tindakan sesuai teori.

This research is experimental with pre-test and post-test group design. The sample of research are 28 people divided into two groups. Group 1 was given combination of infrared and contract relax stretching while group 2 was given combination of infrared and deep transverse friction. The result showed that at each groups had a significant decrease in neck disability.

The conclusion is the combination of infrared and contract relax stretching showed no significant difference as combination of infrared and deep transverse friction to the reduce of neck disability with tension-type headache conditions. A deep transverse friction can be used if the patient wants a more comfortable when given intervention and very recommended for client that loss of understanding.

Keywords: infrared, contract relax strtching, deep transverse friction, neck disability index NDI , tension type-headache. The purpose of this study was to determine the comparison between muscle energy technique and infrared with contract relax stretching and infrared in increasing the range of motion neck joint on online game players with myofascial pain syndrome upper trapezius muscle in Denpasar.

This research is an experimental research with pre and post test design group control design. The sample is an online game player of 22 people divided into two groups. Group 1 was given intervention of muscle energy technique and infrared, while group 2 was given contract relax stretching and infrared intervention. The limitations range of motion will be annoying than the daily activities. These results indicate that there is no difference in increasing range of motion in both groups.

The amount of sample were 16 person that divided into 2 groups, one group was experimental group and the other group was control group. This shows that in the experimental group there was a significant decrease in blood pressure, whereas in the control group there was no significant decrease in blood pressure. Therefore the need for a therapy that can be given as myofascial release technique, mulligan mobilization, dan infrared. The design of this study was experimental with pre-test and post-test group design.

The technique sampling was purposive sampling technique. The samples were divided into 2 groups. The range of motion is measured by goniometer.

Based on the result, it can be concluded that Myofascial Release Technique and Infrared show no significant difference with Mulligan Mobilization and Infrared to increase range of motion of the neck on the non-spesific neck pain. Keywords : non-spesific neck pain, myofascial release technique, mulligan mobilization, infrared. The cross sectional analytic study with the sample was adults who fulfilled the inclusion and exclusion criteria of 86 people in each group.

The results showed a significant difference between sleep quality in two groups p. Hamstring that interferes will disrupt the balance of other muscle performance, a common muscle disorder is muscle shortening. Shortening of this muscle causes a person more susceptible to injury. Sport Science, 5 2. Weight loss and lactic acid relation during wrestling match in elite Greco-Roman wrestlers. Bakar, Y. Effect of manual lymph drainage on removal of blood lactate after submaximal exercise.

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